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No more losing your tour guide! with our App.

Discover a new way of traveling with our advanced tourism app. With its diverse features, our app will make your travel experiences more exciting and memorable.

Boost efficiency and comfort in group guiding with our features.

Live Audio Streaming

Elevate your tours with live group audio streaming on Glydde. Immerse in real-time guided experiences, expert commentary, and local stories for a richer travel adventure.

Your tour is just a Scan away!

Begin your journey seamlessly with Just a Scan. Effortlessly kickstart your tour by scanning, unlocking a world of exploration right at your fingertips.

Traveler Tracking

Utilize our user tracking for instant updates on your travel group's location, providing crucial support during medical emergencies or if a tourist is lost. Ensure seamless coordination, efficient communication, and heightened security for a safer travel experience.

Tour Itinerary

Discover comprehensive tour itineraries detailing attractions, landmarks, and daily activities. Effortlessly optimize your tour to ensure you don't miss any must-see spots. Maximize your journey with Glydde’s Itineraries feature.

Currency Converter

Stay informed about your travel group's location with our user tracking feature. Ensure seamless coordination, efficient communication, and a sense of security during group tours or while exploring new destinations.

Multi Language

Experience the convenience of Multi-Language Support. Our platform ensures seamless communication in your preferred language, enhancing your travel experience with accessibility and ease. Explore the world with linguistic flexibility.

Save Our Ship SOS

Save Our Ship SOS

Glydde's SOS feature is a powerful safety tool meticulously designed to prioritize the well-being of travelers. This feature acknowledges the critical need for prompt assistance in emergencies, offering users swift and effective support precisely when it is needed most.

Real-time chat

Engage with fellow travelers, local experts, and tour guides through our interactive chat feature. Cultivate a vibrant travel community by sharing tips, exchanging recommendations, and participating in meaningful conversations with other enthusiasts.

Glydde is in a league of its own—there's truly no app that compares.

Discover the world with Glydde, the groundbreaking travel app set to transform your global adventures. Immerse yourself in the seamless fusion of convenience, connectivity, and excitement as you embark on your journeys empowered by Glydde's robust features.

  • Craft Your Trip, Your Way
  • Capture Every Insight About the Place
  • Ignite Your Journey with Limitless Tour Itineraries

Prioritizing the Safety of Tourists

Enhancing Safety with Glydde: A Guide to SOS Feature

Glydde, the pinnacle of reliability in tour guide applications, places the utmost emphasis on ensuring the safety and well-being of each and every traveler. Central to this commitment is our state-of-the-art SOS feature, meticulously crafted to offer swift and effective assistance during unforeseen emergencies. It is our earnest endeavor to empower both travelers and guides with the tools they need to navigate through potential challenges seamlessly.

As you embark on your journey with Glydde, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the comprehensive SOS feature, a beacon of security in the realm of travel applications. By adhering to the following four simple steps, you can harness the full potential of Glydde's SOS functionality, thereby guaranteeing a travel experience that is not only secure but also devoid of unnecessary worries.

Glydde Agency Account

Glydde® Company Account for Agencies

Glydde, your all-in-one tour guide app, brings a host of advanced features tailored for agencies seeking effortless tour management. From real-time guide and traveler tracking to geofencing for enhanced safety, tour itinerary planning, audio broadcasting, poll management, SOS for traveler security, and integrated chat functionality, Glydde provides a holistic solution to meet the diverse needs of modern agencies. This comprehensive platform ensures that agencies can effortlessly organize, monitor, and communicate with both guides and travelers, creating a truly memorable and optimized tour experience.

Click the button below to access Glydde's admin panel for real-time tracking and streamlined tour management.

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Glydde is a comprehensive tour facilitator app designed to streamline the management of tourists and guides, providing a seamless experience for tour coordination.

Companies can utilize Glydde to efficiently manage their tour guides and tourists through a user-friendly interface with features tailored for organizational needs.

Yes, Glydde is accessible to any tour guide, allowing them to manage any number of tourists effortlessly.

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