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Transform Your Smartphone into a Cutting-Edge Tour Guide System

Elevate your guided tours

With a simple click, effortlessly convert your smartphone into an efficient tour guide system. No additional hardware required, and it's easy to use.

Embark on Your First Tour with GlyddeApp® in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Quick Registration

Navigate seamlessly with live tracking and geofence marking in our user-friendly app.

Step 2: Join the Tour Effortlessly

Tourists can join the tour by scanning a QR code.

Step 3: Explore with Glydde

Personalize your tour with a dynamic itinerary, interactive map, and real-time polls.

Embark on your first tour with traveler using the Glydde App®!

Seamless Registration Process

Streamline your registration as a guide by contacting our admin. Dive into the enchantment of becoming a Glydde guide, and enjoy the perks of sharing your expertise and making travel experiences unforgettable for others.

Engage in Instant Conversations

Immerse yourself in real-time conversations with fellow travelers, local experts, and tour guides using our interactive chat feature. Share valuable tips, exchange recommendations, and participate in meaningful dialogues, cultivating a vibrant and connected travel community.

Group Location Monitoring

Keep track of your travel group's location effortlessly with our user tracking feature. Enhance coordination, streamline communication, and ensure a heightened sense of security during group tours or when exploring new destinations.

Your Tour Itineraries with Glydde

Explore city gems effortlessly with Glydde's comprehensive tour itineraries. Dive into detailed information about attractions, landmarks, and activities tailored just for you. Plan your days seamlessly, make the most of your time, and ensure you capture every unforgettable moment during your journey.

Currency Converter

Simplify your financial adventures with our Currency Converter. Stay on top of exchange rates, ensuring you have seamless transactions and making your travel group's financial coordination a breeze. Experience worry-free communication and enhanced security whether you're on a group tour or exploring new destinations.

Explore in Your Preferred Language

Discover the world with ease using our multi-language support. Access comprehensive tour itineraries packed with detailed information on attractions, landmarks, and activities – all tailored to your preferred language. Plan your days effortlessly, maximize your time, and ensure you don't miss any must-see spots while enjoying the convenience of exploring in a language that feels just right for you.


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